Crafted as a conceptual platform for an Enterprise Rent-A-Car® product, emerges as the go-to hub catering to individuals seeking short-term rental solutions spanning a mere few hours, as opposed to days. More than just a car rental service, extends an invitation to explore the finest local attractions – from shopping havens to iconic landmarks, and invigorating outdoor pursuits; whatever the desire, WeCar ensures seamless transportation.
The website's mission revolved around three pivotal objectives: firstly, heightening visibility within pivotal sectors including businesses, government entities, retail establishments, and educational institutions. Secondly, fostering a surge in membership enrollment, and lastly, nurturing a culture of recurrent usage among the clientele.

Key Features:

Location driven – custom Google map overlay with multiple tools/features

Member recognition – preferences, suggestions and special offers for the places they want to go the most

Social media integration – members share favorite destinations with heavy potential promotional partners

Agency: Moosylvania
Role: CD

CW: Eric Flynn

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