BIG DEMO represented an innovative, web-based multiplayer game where participants maneuvered their personalized cars via smartphone controls. Designed exclusively for a 314 Digital event in St. Louis, BIG DEMO served as a striking showcase of Big Club Digital's prowess across frontend and backend development, design, and seamless execution.
This captivating experience granted event-goers the chance to engage in a demolition derby game on a large display screen, accessed via a QR Code on their smartphones. After selecting and naming their vehicle, attendees entered the game arena to compete against fellow participants. Steering their cars using their smartphones, users inflicted damage on opponents' vehicles, amassing points based on the extent of destruction. A dedicated iPad simultaneously displayed the real-time leaderboard, enhancing the competitive spirit.
Agency: Big Club Digital
Role: CD/UX/UI

Game Play

Game Cars

Levels of Damage

Mobile Interface and Car Controls


Concept of Game Play

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