BIG DEMO was a web-based, multiple player game where players controlled their custom car by using their smart phone. 
Created specifically for a 314 Digital event in St. Louis, Big Demo showcased Big Club Digital's expertise in both front-end and back-end development as well as design and execution. 
The engaging experience allowed event attendees to play a demolition derby game on a flatscreen by accessing a URL through a QR Code on their phone. After the attendee would choose and name their car, they would be dropped into the game to compete against other attendees. Controlling the car with their phone the user would inflict damage on other cars; the more the damage, the higher the score. A separate iPad showcased the leaderboard in real-time.
Agency: Big Club Digital
Role: CD/UX/Design

Game Play

Game Cars

Levels of Damage

Mobile Interface and Car Controls


Concept of Game Play

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