Planters' digital strategy in 2008 marked the unveiling of their fresh tagline, "Instinctively Good Food." To amplify this launch, we orchestrated a comprehensive overhaul of the brand's website, accompanied by the creation of an illustrative microsite that intricately unfolded the essence of the new tagline. In addition, we conceived dynamic rich media banners, offering users an interactive platform to engage their instincts with Planters nuts.
Debuting alongside Super Bowl XLII, the microsite,, took center stage. This captivating digital destination was dedicated to delving into the profound connection between mankind's innate cravings and Planters nuts. Under the guidance of Dennis and Carl Carr, visitors were treated to an array of captivating videos, insightful case studies, thought-provoking quizzes, and entertaining games. The collective goal was to not only evaluate and refine their "manstincts," but to substantiate the irresistible instinctual pull that drives individuals toward Planters nuts.

Agency: Razorfish
Role: Senior Art Director
Brand Website
Rich and Standard Banners

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