// The Challenge 
"Start Right ~ End Right" emerged as a nationwide promotion in collaboration with local dairies. Participants entered unique codes from specially labeled milk caps available at their preferred retailers.
The grand prize stood at $25,000, accompanied by an additional $5,000 donation to the winner's chosen school. Our mission was to devise an online engagement that could encompass over 30 Dean Foods dairies across the nation.
// The Solution 
By implementing a ZIP Code gate and dynamic sections within the microsite, we achieved the localization of content for each dairy, catering to diverse regions nationwide. The execution of the campaign across digital platforms, social media channels, and point-of-sale activities significantly contributed to Dean Foods' enhanced sales and increased market share during the initial quarter of 2011.

Agency: Moosylvania
Role: CD
Date: 1/2011

CD/CW: Teresa Sausville

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