Valspar Love, Our Style was new campaign aimed at newlyweds and the problems they face as their styles collide. The website was a playful resource that provides inspiration and helpful tools for an easy transition from the single life to cohabitation. Users could take a style quiz, download a painting guide, and share their collective styles on Facebook. There was even a photo contest in which a lucky winner is chosen each week for a free color consultation from Valspar and Beehive Studios.

As the creative lead, I wanted to create a fun, enjoyable experience that encouraged users to find information for their first painting project together. The client was really receptive to our ideas and is really happy with the way the site turned out.

Love, Our Style Website
Agency: EuroRSCG Chicago
Role: ACD

Banner Projects
Role: ACD/Lead
ACD: Joe Schoor
Senior AD: Brian Wilson
AD: Chris Ebel
AD: Michelle Underwood
CW: Jean Fox
Valspar Banners
Cabot Stains Banners

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