Sleep Innovation specializes in crafting memory foam products exclusively available at department stores and members-only clubs.
When collaborating with Costco, Sleep Innovation sought a centralized website to not only spotlight their product range but also serve as a repository for their videos. These videos were to be accessible not only from the Novaform website but also from the Costco platform.
Moreover, in addition to the videos, there was a requirement to highlight the various technologies embedded within each product. These distinct technologies offer advantages that influence the product's sensation and the foam's adaptive qualities to the body.
Our approach led to the development of a web experience optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing. Although not strictly responsive, the website leveraged consistent content across multiple media platforms, ensuring a harmonized user experience.

Agency: Momentum Worldwide
Role: CD
Date: 10/2011

ACD/CW: Jenny Ruble
CW: Stefanie King
Designer: Evan Brandt
For Kohls, we created a series of videos, accessed by an in-store kiosk, which educated consumers about their memory foam mattress in-a-box.
12" Memory Foam video for Kohl's kiosk 
Package designs
ACD: Phillip Rodriguez
AD: John Do
Designer: Evan Brandt
ACD/CW: Laurie Ahrens
CW: Stefanie King
Miscellaneous Product videos

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