// The Challenge
Embarking on the journey of parenthood for the first time can be an incredibly daunting endeavor. For expectant mothers, this sensation is even more pronounced. The First Years recognized the imperative of establishing a brand presence that resonated deeply with mothers during the initial three years of their child's life. Ranging from breast pumps to 5-star rated car seats, The First Years stands as a highly esteemed and trusted brand in the realm of parenting essentials.

// The Solution
In 2010, our comprehensive digital strategy encompassed a seamless integration across multiples channels, targeting expectant mothers actively seeking essential information and product solutions. Through a combination of standard and rich media formats, harnessing the power of established social networks and influential blogs, crafting bespoke video content, and fortifying our partnership with What To Expect – a prominent resource in child rearing – The First Years succeeded in delivering their message to expecting mothers through fresh and captivating avenues.
Agency: EuroRSCG Chicago
Role: ACD
Rich Banners

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