// The Challenge
Allergan’s Refresh is a line of products that provide for relief from dry eyes. Its website, Refreshbrand.com, wasn’t doing anyone any favors and needed to be refreshed. Our goal: make it easy on the eyes whether you’re at your computer, on your iPad or on your phone.

// The Solution
Our development goal was to build the site in such a way to better sustain growth in product line, content and user behavior as well as ease in overall site management for both content managers as well as web/ hosting managers.

• Content management system to support ease in updating product information and content

• Leverage responsive design and mobile-friendly development to ensure that the site is visible both on the web and on mobile devices

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Agency: Momentum Worldwide
Role: CD
Date: 1/2014

AD: Cassie Pyle
AD: John Do
CW: Rhonda Philips

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