// The Challenge 
Ghirardelli's audience boasts a wealth of knowledge across diverse domains. We aimed to gauge their expertise specifically in the realm of chocolate. Their self-identity aligns with intellectual pursuits, embracing arts, culture, exploration, and a fervent dedication to discovery. While mindful of nutrition, they also savor chocolate indulgence as a delightful treat. Leveraging this insight, Ghirardelli embarked on the Ghirardelli Intense Dark Quiz promotion.
// The Solution 
Weekly, we put the Ghirardelli consumer's chocolate knowledge to the test through a set of 10 questions. These ranged from chocolate-making processes to Ghirardelli's historical journey. Participants had the opportunity to enter daily for a chance to win enticing prizes, including a grand trip to San Francisco, a year's supply of chocolate, or complimentary bars and bags. Furthermore, the first 100 participants were rewarded with an Intense Dark Pairing Kit.

Agency: Momentum Worldwide
Role: CD
Date: 7/2011

AD: Cassie Pyle
AD: Tim Bottchen
ACD/CW: Julie Clark
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