Throughout the summer of 2012, the Nike Football Gear Up Clinic embarked on a tour across local sports retailers in the central and eastern U.S., spotlighting the Nike Pro Combat gear. This initiative provided high school athletes with expert insights into the effects of Nike gear on their training routines, elevating their performance to its peak. The tour featured a customized Nike-branded truck outfitted with an interactive Q&A kiosk, a photo booth, and a personalization station.
// Pre-Event 
In preparation, we developed an online registration tool, enabling coaches to pre-register their teams and submit personalized team slogans for customized gear. Tailored invitations and emails were sent to coaches as reminders.
// Event 
Product Personalization: Customers had the opportunity to customize shirt and sock products. Laces were distributed to customers who purchased Nike training shoes or football cleats. High school football players and coaches purchased and customized Legend Tees, featuring their unique team slogans.
NFL Photo Booth Experience: Attendees engaged in a photo booth, capturing themselves in their preferred NFL team jerseys. Custom photos were taken home and shared online.
Nike Professional Athlete Appearance: Noteworthy Nike NFL athletes, coaches, and training staff engaged in insightful Q&A sessions at select locations, mingling with the audience.
Gear Up Gift Bag: Customers making purchases of $50 or more in Nike products received exclusive gift bags.
// Post-Event 
The events facilitated a significant shift from competing products to Nike products, driven by the appeal of personalization options. One store reported a surge in Nike cleat sales, with young athletes particularly thrilled about coordinating laces with their team colors.
Furthermore, the events effectively boosted foot traffic into local sports stores during typically sluggish periods, thus elevating the volume of Nike gear sold per store.

Agency: Momentum Worldwide
Role: CD

AD: Mike Vollman
AD: John Do
CW: Murphy O’Brien

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