During the summer of 2012 the Nike Football Gear Up Clinic toured local sporting goods stores in the central and eastern U.S. promoting the Nike Pro Combat gear. High school athletes were able to get expert advice on how Nike gear impacts their training and helps them to perform at the highest level. The tour comprised of a customized Nike branded truck with an interactive Q&A kiosk, photo booth and customization station.

// Pre Event
Prior to the event, we built an online registration tool allowing coaches to pre-register their teams as well as submit a custom team slogan for customized gear. Coaches were reminded of the event through custom invitations and emails.

// Event
Product customization: Shirt and sock products were customized by customers and laces were handed out to customers who purchased Nike training shoes or football cleats. High school football players and their coaches bought and customized Legend Tees with a custom team slogans.

NFL photo booth experience: Customers participated in the photo both and took home a custom photo of themselves in their favorite NFL team jersey and shared their experiences online.

Nike Professional athlete appearance: Nike NFL athletes, coaches and training staff participated in Q&A sessions at choice locations and then mingled with the audience.

Gear Up gift bag: Gift bags were handed out to customers who purchased $50 or more in Nike products.

// Post Event
Many customers switched from competitive products to Nike products purchases. A key driver being the ability to customize their products. One store said, “(We) sold a ton of Nike cleats and kids were especially excited to be able to get laces to match their team colors.”

The events helped keep a steady stream of customers into the local sporting stores during normally slow periods. This impact increased the number of Nike gear sold per store.

Agency: Momentum Worldwide
Role: CD

AD: Mike Vollman
AD: John Do
CW: Murphy O’Brien

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