// The Challenge 
Despite being an early leader in the energy bar market, Balance Bar had faced diminishing market share and eroding customer loyalty due to both reduced marketing efforts and heightened competition. A rejuvenation was necessary, targeting urban professionals, mothers, and the Generation Y demographic.
// The Solution 
In 2010, the Balance Bar digital strategy was conceived to infuse fresh vitality into one of the pioneers of energy bar brands. The revitalized campaign re-introduced Balance Bar to the public with a resounding message: a balanced lifestyle can be attained through optimal nutrition and consistent physical activity. The process commenced with a website revamp, where Balance Bar embarked on an initiative to regain the market share it once held. This was followed by extending the message across social media platforms, email communications, events, and promotional activities.

Agency: Moosylvania
Role: CD
Date: 9/2010

CD/AD: Lynn Ullman
AD: Ben Grove
CW: Sarah Rockwell
Alternate Website Layout

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