// The Challenge
Balance Bar was one of the first to market for energy bars. Once a leader it had been losing market share and customer loyalty due to a lack of marketing and increased competition. We need to reposition the brand by targeting urban professionals, moms and the Gen Y crowd.

// The Solution
The Balance Bar 2010 digital plan brought new excitement and energy to one of the original brands of energy bars. Balance Bar was reintroduced to the public with the message that through good nutrition and daily physical activities anyone can achieve a balanced lifestyle. Starting with a website refresh, Balance Bar made a new push to gain back market share they had once enjoyed. We then extended the message via social media, email, events and promotions.

Agency: Moosylvania
Role: CD
Date: 9/2010

CD/AD: Lynn Ullman
AD: Ben Grove
CW: Sarah Rockwell
Alternate Website Layout

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