The 2009 pureKraft digital experience aligned the great taste of Kraft Salad Dressings with seasonal produce. Through a variety of vehicles the creative gave the consumer seasonal tips, how-to videos and recipes. Content partnerships were formed with Martha Stewart property,, AOL and to create an even deeper immersive experience.

Agency: EuroRSCG Chicago
Role: ACD
In the week leading to Super Bowl 43 (2009), a story began appearing on the news wires about a chicken wing shortage in America and its impact on the Super Bowl. The report cited the shortage was a result of a plant closing in Texas as well as a higher demand for wings due to the Super Bowl. 
With no time and a limited budget we hit the ground running. On the first day, together with Foundation, we sent film crews all over Chicago to get faux interviews and b-roll while another team did casting and set design. On the second day, we filmed the studio shots, edited all the footage, added graphics and in the early morning of Jan 31, 2009 we posted the clip to YouTube.
Once it was all said and done the video had about 300,000 hits on YouTube. Traffic came from blogs, Facebook postings and users looking for actual news stories about the wing shortage. More importantly, the client allowed us to move quickly and take advantage of a real news story and turn it to our advantage...and sell more ranch.
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