The 2009 pureKraft digital journey seamlessly blended the delightful flavors of Kraft Salad Dressings with the essence of seasonal produce. Leveraging a diverse range of platforms, the creative content offered consumers seasonal insights, instructional videos, and delectable recipes. Furthermore, strategic content collaborations were established with esteemed properties like from Martha Stewart,, AOL, and, elevating the immersive experience to new heights.

Agency: EuroRSCG Chicago
Role: ACD
In the lead-up to Super Bowl 43 (2009), a news story started circulating about an impending chicken wing shortage in the United States and its potential impact on the Super Bowl. The shortage was attributed to a plant closure in Texas and the heightened demand for wings associated with the Super Bowl.
Given the urgency and budget constraints, we swiftly sprang into action. Collaborating with Foundation, we promptly dispatched film crews throughout Chicago to gather staged interviews and supplementary footage. Concurrently, another team handled casting and set design. On the following day, studio shots were captured, followed by immediate editing, graphics integration, and finalization. In the early hours of January 31, 2009, we published the completed clip on YouTube.
Ultimately, the video garnered approximately 300,000 views on YouTube. Traffic was driven by blogs, Facebook posts, and users searching for authentic news stories regarding the wing shortage. Notably, the client's willingness to swiftly adapt and capitalize on a real news story enabled us to leverage the situation to our advantage, effectively promoting their product and driving more sales of ranch dressing.
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