// Challenge
Bacardi's '60 Second Cocktails' embodies a vibrant summer campaign that illustrates the simplicity of concocting beloved drinks from six renowned brands in under a minute. Our objective was to craft an enjoyable online interaction that not only enhances engagement but also amplifies contributions to the USO.

// Solution
The Bacardi 60 Second Cocktails Facebook quiz introduced a streamlined approach that seamlessly integrated a 60-second quiz centered around a user's Facebook friends. Each interaction translated into valuable phone minutes donated to the USO, fostering both social buzz and online public relations. The experience proved immensely entertaining. Through participation, participants obtained a personalized score showcased on a leaderboard, competing not only against their friends but the entire Facebook community. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to proudly share their scores and preferred cocktails on their Facebook newsfeeds.

Agency: Moosylvania
Role: CD

CW: Eric Flynn

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